Rocksbox is a subscription based try before you buy jewelry

For $21 a month, you'll receive three pieces of jewelry that are yours to wear on loan for as long as you like! When you're ready to refresh your set, just put your set back in the mail using the reusable envelope it came in, and the prepaid shipping label in your set. 

The best part? You can refresh your jewelry as often as you like - you're not limited to once per month! You can also keep a set indefinitely, as long as you're still paying the monthly fee, but since fashion is all about change, we recommend keeping things fresh!

When you're ready to refresh your set, unless you decide to purchase an item, please return all three items at the same time. All pieces that you don't wish to purchase must be returned at the same time. For any pieces you'd like to buy, simply keep them! We'll charge your card on file when the rest of your set arrives at our warehouse.

Shine Credit ($21 in credit, we provide for you) is deposited to your Rocksbox account on the first of every month, and will be automatically applied to your purchase. This Credit will expire at the end of each month, but you will receive another $21 Shine Credit at the beginning of the following month.

Your Forever Spend is credit that expires only upon cancellation. Forever Credit will also be automatically applied to your purchase (after your Shine Credit has been applied).

Both Shine and Forever Credit can only be used towards purchasing items in your set, and cannot be used toward membership fees.  Credit cannot be used in the New or Clearance Shops.

As a Rocksbox member, you get exclusive access to our online New Shop, where you can shop brand new pieces!

You also get exclusive access to our online Clearance Shop, where you can shop gently worn pieces at up to 50% off retail prices!

For a truly personalized experience, be sure to leave feedback on your account page at, so our stylists can be sure to send you pieces you'll love in your next set.