In order to place your Rocksbox membership on hold, please click

Please note that only paid memberships can be placed on hold. Gift memberships can not be put on hold.

Putting your account on hold allows you to maintain the following benefits of your membership for the length of your hold:

- Access to our New Jewelry Shop to shop for brand new items. (Monthly and Forever credits are not applicable)

- Access to our online Clearance Shop to shop for discounted jewelry. (Monthly and Forever credits are not applicable, and FINAL SALE)

- Maintains the current rate of your monthly membership fee, for when your membership comes off hold.

- Your forever credit remains in your account and can be used on a purchase from your set once the hold is lifted.

Don't forget, if you currently have a set in your possession or one that is on the way to you, your hold will not take effect until we show that set is on it's way back to us.
Return tracking for your last Rocksbox set has to be updated by the USPS before the hold is activated.