If you don't intend to purchase a Recurring Subscription membership when the Gift Subscription ends, you must return your Products within 7 days of the expiration of your Gift Subscription membership or we will charge your account for the Products that have been sent to you. Simply, drop it in any blue mailbox with the shipping materials provided. If you've misplaced your packing slip or envelope, you can print another packing slip from your account page, "Your settings", and then click shipping label. Print and tape to any small cardboard box or envelope that your Rocksbox will fit in! Thank you so much for being a part of our community.

We'd love to have you continue as a member, but we would prefer to leave that up to you! Send an email to members@rocksbox.com at the end of your gift membership (we'll send you an expiration reminder!), and let us know if you'd like to continue receiving a ribbon-wrapped box.