You may cancel or put your Rocksbox membership on hold at any time! All you need to do is let us know via email, phone, or your account page and send your set back to us.

Please note that you must return your Rocksbox set to finalize your cancellation. If we don’t receive tracking information on your return shipment before your next billing date, you will be charged on your regular billing date every month until it is received.

If you received your Rocksbox Membership as a gift, we assume that you want to cancel upon the expiration of your gift. You must return your box within 7 days of the expiration of your Gift Subscription or your account may be charged for the pieces that were sent to you.

Please note that by canceling, you are waiving your current membership status and current rate of your monthly membership fee. If you activate your Rocksbox subscription at a later date, your monthly membership fee may no longer remain the same.